Friday, March 30, 2007

100 Things about Me

  1. I'm LaughterThoughts.
  2. If you knew what I was thinking, you'd probably be laughing, too.
  3. I just turned am just turned 30 31.
  4. I've been married nearly eight almost nine years.
  5. I had a simple wedding in the mountains.
  6. I wore white daisies in my hair.
  7. And had a white-daisy bouquet.
  8. (I like daisies.)
  9. (I'm not a big fan of roses, though.)
  10. I did not have a maid-of-honor.
  11. I did not have any bridesmaids.
  12. There was no best man.
  13. And no groomsmen.
  14. But my niece was the flower girl.
  15. She wore a crown of white daisies.
  16. And carried a basket of daisies.
  17. My nephew was the ring bearer.
  18. I got pregnant on the honeymoon.
  19. Now I have five (almost six!) kids.
  20. Three girls.
  21. And two boys.
  22. And I'm ready for more!
  23. I have a dog.
  24. Two Three cats.
  25. And one a kitty from a litter of kittens due any day born in April.
  26. I drive a Suburban.
  27. It holds 2 carseats and 3 boosters.
  28. There's really no leftover room in it.
  29. Someday I will drive a 15-passenger van.
  30. And (hopefully) it will not be a white Ford.
  31. Not that there's anything wrong with white Fords...
  32. But I like color.
  33. And my husband likes Chevys.
  34. Not that I know the difference.
  35. I like steamed spinach.
  36. And fried okra.
  37. And Hershey's chocolate.
  38. I do not like raw onions.
  39. Or, rather, my tummy doesn't.
  40. I play the piano.
  41. And the cello.
  42. In high school, I tried playing the bassoon, but I didn't ever get that whole reed thing.
  43. I wish I could whistle better than I can.
  44. I wish I could sing better than I can.
  45. I love opals.
  46. Playing Monopoly makes me grumpy.
  47. I like Scrabble.
  48. And Yahtzee.
  49. And Apples to Apples.
  50. I like to play Bunco.
  51. But even more, I like to giggle and gab.
  52. I'm a Survivor junkie.
  53. And a Lostie.
  54. I like watching Disney movies.
  55. Multiple Times.
  56. Like Beauty and the Beast.
  57. And The Little Mermaid.
  58. And High School Musical.
  59. I love The Sound of Music.
  60. And Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
  61. I make a mean Chicken Noodle Soup.
  62. And an even meaner Olive Garden Zuppa Tuscano.
  63. I'm frugal and thrifty.
  64. Maybe overly so.
  65. But I'm not a coupon-cutter.
  66. I shop at Costco.
  67. I buy Raisin Bran in bulk.
  68. And Mini Wheats.
  69. And Chex.
  70. And Cheerios.
  71. And ketchup.
  72. And peanut butter.
  73. And toilet paper.
  74. It's normal for me to leave there with four gallons of milk.
  75. And common for me to leave with six.
  76. My favorite color is orange.
  77. And I like pink.
  78. And small polkadots.
  79. I didn't like pink or polkadots when I was younger.
  80. I've always loved paisley.
  81. And sometimes argyle, too.
  82. I dig the colors of the '60s.
  83. The avocado.
  84. And harvest gold.
  85. And antique red.
  86. I decorate my house in those colors.
  87. I love the rain.
  88. But don't get to see it nearly enough.
  89. I went to Texas Tech.
  90. It's really windy there.
  91. And with the wind came the smell of money.
  92. (Otherwise known as the cattle feedlots.)
  93. When it rained in Lubbock, it rained mud.
  94. Because it was almost always windy, and the dirt was always blowing.
  95. I love thunderstorms.
  96. But I've rarely gotten to see or hear one since moving two years ago.
  97. I love thick fog.
  98. And didn't get to really experience that until moving two years ago.
  99. I'm pretty relaxed...
  100. ...I'm a blue jeans and barefoot kind of moma.

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